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Talkspace Provides an Alternative Method for Protecting a Person’s Mental Health

Mental health is a very controversial topic in today’s world. So many people are suffering from mental health disorders and it doesn’t seem like things are getting better. It has been estimated that at least 40% of all people have some type of mental health issue. This number is higher when you factor in all the people who have not been diagnosed with this condition.

Traditionally, people turn to therapy-based services to alleviate their problems with mental health. However, many people avoid mental health interactions for fear of being discovered and ostracized by their family members, friends and coworkers.

When a person cannot (or will not) receive help from a therapy based mental health professional, they can utilize the services of Talkpace. This is an application that provides private counseling for people who need the services but does not want to be judged for what they are doing.

Talkspace doesn’t just protect a person’s identity, the site also protects a person’s mental well-being. People might have more money, opportunity, success and greater satisfaction in life. However, they are not as happy, they are dealing with more stress and they are not as connected as they used to be. People are also more isolated, distressed and encountering more personal problems.

Talkspace provides people with the tools they need to safeguard their mental health. They want to ensure that they have what they need to succeed. The app charges a small fee for service. This fee is a small price to pay for people to get the medical help they need. Also, a person is able to afford this type of therapy when regular services are high. Cost has always been a barrier for people receiving mental health assistance.

The Talkspace app makes it easier for people to get the help they need to function. A person’s mental health is valuable. Their mind can create many problems for them when it is not operating in the right way. Ultimately, Talkspace provides people with an alternative method for improving their mental state and by improving their lives.

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Tim Ioannides Highlights the Importance of Vitamin D in Skin Treatment

According to Tim Ioannides, skin conditions are affecting a considerable number of people around the country, which means that they are quickly becoming a major medical condition. The government of the United States and also the state governments are using a lot of money to make sure that the whole situation is under control. In addition, people are also using their money to control their skin conditions, which has made the entire problem a national problem.

Instead of using much money in diagnostic and treatment processes, Tim Ioannides advises individuals to concentrate on self-treatment methods, which will help them to minimize the cost of treatment. There are several do it yourself treatment strategies that people can incorporate and save substantial amount of money. One of the commonly known treatment strategy that people can incorporate is the use of Vitamin D. it is common knowledge that Vitamin supports the overall immune system of the body while at the same time helping individuals to remain healthy.

Tim Ioannides notes that getting self-treatment for skin condition is an easy strategy because it comes naturally. One of the methods of getting Vitamin D is by getting direct sunshine, which reacts with cholesterol in the body to create Vitamin D. People exposed to sufficient sunshine during the day have a considerable amount of Vitamin D, which prevents skin conditions. However, you can as well get sufficient Vitamin D from various food sources.

The only problem is that a considerable number of people don’t get sufficient Vitamin D because they don’t eat the right foods. Tim Ioannides recommends that individuals to eat Vitamin D rich foods such as tuna, salmon, ham, and trout among others. There are other food products that can also be useful in production of Vitamin D such as mushrooms, fortified orange juice, and fortified milk among others.

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HGGC Has Just Attained A Majority Stake In An Exciting Company

HGGC has recently been experiencing the busiest period in a company history that goes back to the 2007 calendar year and things continue to remain busy. Officials from the Palo Alto, California-based private equity company recently announced that they have acquired the controlling stake in HelpSystems. While HGGC takes over the majority stake in HelpSystems, Split Rock Capital along with HIG Capital will continue to retain a minority of the shares with the IT infrastructure software development operation. This innovative software is currently used by 13 thousand-plus customers on various operating systems. These operating systems that the HelpSystems software is utilized on including Windows and IBM i. This major deal is just one of a number of critical acquisitions that HGGC has made over this busy period that the private equity firm has been experiencing.

Help System’s roots go back to the company’s 1982 founding date. The firm assists the business world to align with IT in order to give them an edge in today’s highly competitive business world. The software that is produced by the team at HelpSystem provides monitoring services for the business world as well as helping with data security and encryption services. The company also deals with the automation of processes and has built up an impressive customer base around the globe that has made HelpSystem a very attractive company for big investors like HGGC. The teams at both organizations are looking forward to what the future holds as the world side by side with each other in order to grow the HelpSystems business model.

Since its 2007 founding, HGGC has worked hard to build up a robust portfolio of diverse companies. With an emphasis on the middle market and growing tech sector companies, HGGC has attained a great deal of success in the private equity market by taking an active role in working with the management teams of its diverse portfolio companies. There are currently some 60 thousand employees globally that are involved in work with the Palo Alto, California-based private equity firm’s portfolio companies.

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Stream Energy Cares More Than Ever

The energy company Stream Energy is so committed to its charity work that it has set up its own philanthropic wing. The new part of the company is called Stream Cares. Stream Energy is a company that sells to its affiliates who then go on to sell to residential and corporate customers. Stream Energy has been involved with charity work for years, but Hurricane Harvey that affected Houston was something that inspired Stream Energy to tackle issues around Dallas and Texas full time.

While Stream Cares gives to charities across the country, it focuses its efforts on issues around Texas and in particular Dallas. Stream Cares has worked with some of the biggest charity organizations including Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. It has recently partnered with fellow Dallas organization Hope Supply Co. Homelessness is an issues that has become worse in the last few years, and the way it affects children is particularly concerning.

Hope Supply Co has been raising money and items for children, and it has donated products as varied as diapers and school supplies. Stream Cares has used it partnership to organize various activities for those children who are homeless. One such event was a trip to a local water park. Stream Cares paid for the entire event, and it was the first time many of these children had been on a trip like it.

Stream Cares donated more than just money. The employees were also excited to volunteer their time. It was a way for them to show how much they care about their communities. They were pleased to be able to spend time with the children. It was not the only day out that the company has organized. There was also recently a lunch for veterans and their families. Stream cares will continue to raise money and awareness for a variety of charities, and now it has a way to do that full time.

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Neurocore – The Need for Mental Exercises at Workplace

Neurocore Brain Performance Center started operations in the year 2004 and has helped hundreds and thousands of people to get rid of their mental health issues with the help of their treatment based on neurofeedback and application of neurosciences. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have experts and therapists from the world of mental health that have been working for the organization for many years now and have developed highly advanced neurosciences based brain training programs.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers also have developed a  health supplements that provide physical support during exercising and working out. It gives you the energy you need to work for a longer period of time without feeling weak or dizzy. It keeps you hydrated and strong and also boosts your metabolism for greater fat loss. If you are tired of working out regularly and not getting any significant results, trying out Neurocore MuscleTech would definitely give you the edge you need. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been operating since 2004 and have achieved a great reputation in the industry.

Neurocore wants to raise awareness about the stress at the workplace and how it affects one’s health. It also leads to a decrease in productivity. Thus, Neurocore has brain training programs that allow the employees to manage stress and increases their productivity. It is the reason why business owners should adopt training programs for their employees so that they can grow. Business owners who have hired Neurocore experts says about highly of their services and the results they have been able to bring about in their employees.

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Jojo Hedaya Revolutionizes How We Access To Email

Jojo Hedaya is one of the founders of an email subscription company called Unrollme. The inspiration behind his idea to create this company was because of frustration. The frustration was caused by the junk of emails that pile up. A lot of time is wasted looking for important emails and going through all your subscription. This junk ends up filling up the phone’s memory.

He decided to come up with an application that could organize all your emails. It classifies them into subscriptions you have applied to. This system makes going through your phone quite easily. Subscriptions you no longer use or need can be selected and deleted quite easily. This is because they are all piled up under one section, the Rollup. This tool is very helpful in keeping emails that need immediate attention and feedback at sight. Jojo Hedaya was sending a lot of emails to his co-founder, Josh Rosewald. This is because he could gain access to them. This application saves a lot of time, friendships and commitments.

It is an easy free application to sign up to. At the end of the day, it leaves your email organized and under control. Over the recent period, millions of users have benefited from this development. Jojo Hedaya evaluated his strength and weaknesses before venturing into this business. There is no sure formula to success, so he assessed what he could do and achieve. Hedaya is very eager in creating a positive culture in the workplace. Open communication and motivating the employees contribute to the success of his company.

Jojo Hedaya and his management team take feedback very important. It is one of the ways they can fix and change certain things. This will improve its service providing techniques. His team of workers is equipped with the necessary skills, ethics and competence to produce the required results. He recognizes the importance of hiring people who share the same innovative mind and know exactly what they are doing. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosewald recognize the technological world has a lot of competition. The secret is to recognize then, find a gap to fill in the market and not let your competition intimidate you.

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McDonalds OSI Group Forms Patties

For years it has been believed that most of McDonalds Food products is packed with preservatives, but the restaurant itself has adamantly insisted that this is not the case. To prove that this it does not do so, it invited a reporter from Business Insider to tour its Gunzburg, Germany factory, which churns out about 5 million burgers a day. The factory is actually owned and run by the OSI Group McDonalds, which has been the primary meat supplier of McDonald’s for decades. The Gunzburg factory, which is roughly the size of a soccer field, is one of its largest.

OSI Group McDonalds first started the Gunzburg factor when McDonald’s was first starting operations in Europe. While it does serve a few other fast food restaurants and companies in Europe, 90% of its production goes to McDonald’s. Everyone who enters the OSI Group McDonalds factory must first undergo a strict set of hygiene production procedures. You must first thoroughly wash your hands and put on some protective outer clothing. All loose objects like jewelry and plastic pens must also be removed. If individuals need a pen, they are given a special sterilized metal pen to use. One of the first steps in OSI Group McDonalds is checking for any bones in the incoming meat.

After the meat is checked, it is placed in 500-kilogram containers. This goes on all day with forklifts constantly carrying containers to the next stage of the process. At the next stage of the process, the quality fresh meat is minced. These massive machines, which can blend up to 50 cows worth of meat at a time, are designed to eliminate any remaining small pieces of meat. After this mincing process, the meat is placed in yet further containers and taken by forklifts to the next stage where it is shaped into patties and frozen. The formed patties are frozen to a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. Suffice it to so, these machines are kept extremely cold. While much less so, the rooms themselves are also kept cold. Click here.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada Looks Towards New Possibilities With R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has spent more than a decade in executive positions for major corporations in cosmetics and fashion. As the Global Brand President of MATRIX and BIOLAGE, product divisions of L’Oreal, Dan is responsible for overseeing the entire brands image on a global scale. Dan leads a team of 37 people who cooperate to improve advertising, digital strategies, product development, and more importantly, brand image.

For the past few years, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been working on a new line of natural products known as R.A.W. All natural and completely sustainable, R.A.W products have little to zero impact on the environment. As the health trend continues to kick on and more communities push for cleaner products and a cleaner earth, R.A.W is the perfect strategy to satisfy the changing market in cosmetics and fashion. According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, most of the brand products are 99 percent biodegradable, even down to the packaging.

The first and hardest challenge to maintain the R.A.W project is to keep everything as natural as possible with no compromises. This is a difficult thing to do because of various constraints that are placed on Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team, including costs, deadlines, and product prices. Something as simple as the clay base used in products becomes complicated to deal with for Dan because transporting it naturally leads to quick contamination. This problem could be solved easily with a chemical process, but then the product would no longer be all natural and fit with the R.A.W philosophy.

The support behind R.A.W is growing steadily and has an active community on social media like YouTube and Instagram. Since the brand started its digital campaign, #LiveRaw, the message for a sustainable and clean living has been spreading throughout many platforms. Hundreds of salons throughout the United States have improved on their ability to make a difference and become sustainable through the brand’s campaign and Dan’s efforts.


No Turning Back For Jana Lightspeed As She Joins Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Lightspeed is one of the managing partners of Lightspeed Venture Partners. She joined the company in 2018 after having an illustrious career in the management industry. Lightspeed has helped over 50 startups to grow during her career in different sectors. The University of Illinois alumnus pursued her computer-engineering course in the institution’s Urbana Champaign. Her Bachelor Science degree worked well for her because she landed jobs in high profile companies.

Lightspeed once worked with Netflix specializing in overseeing partnerships between consumer and mobile electronics. Before joining Netflix, Jana Lightspeed worked for DivX and AT&T. The companies are among the renowned firms in the world. After her unmatched performance at Netflix, Lightspeed joined Twitter in 2010. Her six years’ service in the company assisting the President in overseeing Global Business Development and platform did not disappoint.

She successfully managed the collaborations between Twitter and other companies. Additionally, she was responsible for overseeing the company’s platform operations and enterprise sales. Twitter’s development, partner engineering, as well as the platforms marketing strategy depended on her office. Having worked with top-notch companies, Lightspeed managed Twitter’s developer relations professionally.

In 2015, Jana took part in the foundation of ANGELS. The primary objective of the venture was to create a platform for encouraging women to take part in startup tech boards. The group consists of the current and her former female Twitter executives. Bird, Color, Ego, and Winnie are among the almost 50 investments that make the group’s portfolio. She also has an interest in fashion, transport, music, hardware, and consumer companies.

Jana Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Venture Partners together with five others that worked in top rated positions in other companies. The company now has 26 partners, and 19 of them come from the United States. The five that joined the company together with Lightspeed include Zimmerman, Madheswaran, Jerry Ye, Merci Victoria, and Ashley Brasier.


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Edwin Miranda – Highly Respected Name in the Marketing Field

Edwin Miranda is one of the most famous personalities in the marketing world, especially when it comes to performance-driven marketing. He is the CEO and founder of KOI IXS, a brand marketing firm that he started at the age of 21. The company has reached great heights of success in a short period, thanks to the passion, determination and hard work of Edwin. As the marketing world continues to evolve and transform, it is necessary to use creativity in the right way to get the results that are performance driven and innovative at the same time.

Whether you are looking for branding strategy to help your company and brand penetrate the market and overtake the competitors or want a simple yet effective customer engagement technique, rest assured KOI IXS would help you. The individualized strategy that Edwin Miranda would devise along with his team of strategic thinkers, marketing experts, brand strategist, and designers would help you achieve your business goals. The brand strategies that Edwin Miranda builds for his clients are performance driven and help the clients get an edge over the other counterparts.

Edwin Miranda is also one of the leaders in the marketing field who have been promoting, using and encouraging the use of machine learning techniques. He believes that technology today enables the marketing agencies to deliver results that weren’t possible earlier on. If you are looking to make your company a familiar name in your niche, rest assured Edwin Miranda and his marketing firm would help you much. It is one of the leading marketing firms in Puerto Rico and is globally expanding wings to reach out to global clients. The companies these days have to continually work on their marketing strategies to ensure they can stay relevant and competitive in their respective sectors.

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