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The 21st Century Moves of OSI Group

The average consumer goes to the grocery store at least once a week. They mindlessly go around the store collecting whatever items they want to purchase, but not realizing just how big of a role food distribution companies play in bringing food to that location. OSI Group is one of those companies, and has been a centerpiece of the industry for a century. The company is presently headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, from where it manages global operations. The expansion of the company was recently discussed in a Gazette Day article.

Between the current leadership roles of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, OSI Group currently has the vision to expand its influence all over the world. As a former street corner shop, to a domestic food distributor, the only place to expand is on the global stage. Both of these individuals bring something to the table in business and food distribution experience. They are a firm believer in securing the Domestic market before going abroad, thus a new plant in Chicago was recently acquired to increase operations.

On the global food stage, OSI Group has made a series of acquisitions in recent years. It began with Baho Foods, which opened up the Germany and the Netherlands markets, in addition to routes to 18 other countries. The next major acquisition was Flagship Europe. This allows the company to distribute frozen poultry, pies and condiments across the region. The rate of growth has stunned analysts all across the world, but company leaders believe its a reliable strategy to cemented its global presence.

OSI Group is a company that originally set out to simply be a local shop, but over years of leadership changes and new technology, the company finds itself at top in the 21st century. They keep close connections with partners, and work hard to being food into new areas. OSI Group holds its humble origins at the core of its modern operations.

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Talkspace Online Therapy has Numerous Advantages for Everyone

Relationships these days have become much feeble than it was earlier and the cases of divorces have been increasing. Many marriages can be saved if they seek relationship and marriage counseling at the right time. Many couples avoid it as the major reason why they have problems is financial issues. Talkspace gives access to marriage and relationship counseling with the professional therapist through the phone itself. Both the husband and the wife can talk or chat with the therapist through their phone itself without going anywhere. It allows them to seek help without letting others know that they are going through any problem. Also, it helps them save money and time too which is an added advantage.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

Talkspace makes it easier for people to move on with their lives, whether it is PTSD they are suffering from or depression, anxiety or any other issues. The therapists at Talkspace are expert and professional and can advise you medically on many different issues. Talkspace has therapists with different specialties as well and thus, whether it is depression you are suffering from or need marriage counseling, there is an expert therapist who can deal with your problem professionally. Many young people leading stressful lives or have gone through any tragic event and who are disturbed from it for a prolonged period of time should seek counseling. Talkspace can help you get the ideal treatment without having to get out of your comfort zone, personally and financially.

Michael Phelps is an awarded Olympian who has suffered his own problems. He fell into depression and struggled with life. It was then that he decided to get help but was afraid what others would think. That time he came across online therapy and greatly benefitted from it when nothing else worked. He now works with Talkspace to encourage people with problems to join them.

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Relationship between OSI Group and McDonalds

OSI Group McDonalds is a prominent American meat processing company with its headquarters based in Aurora, Illinois. This company serves both retail and food service industries. It has over 65 plants in 17 countries with 20,000 workers. OSI Group McDonalds mainly deals with the production of protein items which are then sold across the world in supermarkets. They also supply a lot of other items to the top restaurants in the world. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin as the CEO and David McDonald as the president, this company is ever in search of international l growth and expansion. At the beginning of the postwar financial development, a business contract between the two upcoming family businesses. Ray Kroc launched the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1955.

Des Plaines restaurant was the first venture in the expansion of McDonald’s by implementing the franchising model. Before the establishment of the original McDonalds, Ray Kroc had made an informal deal with Arthur and Harry, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky. They had agreed that Kroc should supply ground beef to McDonald’s. A few years later, Kroc was to buy McDonald’s and become the CEO of the current McDonalds Corporation. They made the structure for the modern franchise model whereby Otto & Sons became part of it. The primary duty of Otto &Sons was to provide the continuously growing number of regional McDonald’s restaurants. The transition from Otto & Sons to OSI Group McDonalds happened 20 years down the line. Among the significant elements of the franchise model was to supply each restaurant and every client with consistent products.

Hamburgers became synonymous with McDonald’s after for several years. The flash freezing process by Otto &Sons was an exclusive step that helped both companies grew even more. It increased the production rate and reduced the cost in the food industry. In 1973, Otto & Sons established their first unit in Illinois. The objective of this firm was to aim at the McDonalds product line. It incorporates flash hamburgers patties pieces of machinery. Another aspect of OSI Group McDonalds was to adopt the Glenmark brand, and its primary objective was to serve the local restaurants and retail markets.

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Hussain Sajwani: the Middle East is Positioned to Influence the World Positively

The world has been facing a hurdle of issues like economic disparity, climate change, and food insecurity. While these issues are always recurring, Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC beliefs that policymakers have every resource required to mitigate the challenges.

According to the real estate expert, the fourth generation technological advancements have made the world more connected than in the past. On that account, policymakers from various parts of the world can readily access an avalanche of information which they can use to make global policies that can transform the world.

“Sections of the world that were once separated are now united through technology. Policymakers, business executives, and other leaders can use technological solutions to play an active role in creating a new world order. The connection helps us overcome the world’s encounters as one community,” says the DAMAC owner.

Why should Middle East lead the change? Hussain Sajwani claims that the Middle East has all the resources required to foster global unity and prosperity.

It is the world’s primary focal point and economic hub. The region harbors over 65% of the world’s oil reserves, as well as 40% of the world’s oil reserves.

In addition to the natural resources, the Middle East harbors the world’s number one airport for international traffic, and it has a reasonable number of productive youths. Over 40% of Middle East’s populations are youths aged below 25 years.

Already, Dubai’s policymakers have been on the frontline to empower over 100 million youths who would streamline the world’s future through rapid innovation and adoption of technology. Also, the youths will cooperate with policymakers to find resolutions for persistent global issues.

“It is time to collaborate for our greater good. We are a hardworking and opportunistic nation that is ready for the world’s impactful change,” says the DAMAC owner.

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Everyone Has Their Career Path With Neuroscore and Indeed. What Is Yours?

There has been a stigma attached to taking breaks before and after job hunting. It is a lot more common than people realize. Some applicants get married, have kids, and become a stay-at-home parent for a while. Other applicants have trouble finding a job. In today’s climate, that is easily understandable. There are more people right now than jobs. It is hard to find the right fit when certain jobs are either not available or have been taken by someone else. Read more about Neurocore at

I have two tips that might help you with your job search on Indeed, and by extension, Neurocore.

1) You need to know what direction you want to have. You cannot simply say that you want a job with Neurocore. Most applicants who apply with Neurocore or on Indeed want a job. The question is: In which direction do you want to head? Be as specific as possible, or take your dream job and use a similar word search. Knowing you have a sense of purpose is going help you.

You can use and to help you.

To get back in the game you need to know which direction to kick the ball.


2) Remember that confidence is key. You are not going to get anywhere in life without confidence. Some people have a loud confidence. Others have a quiet confidence. Use what you have. The rest will fall into place.

You will need to update your skills, depending on how long you have been without a job. Tech jobs definitely require a skill update. Indeed can find the perfect match for you with Neurocore as long as you are honest and send them the facts. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

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Essential Tips to Becoming an Effective Leader

James River Capital Corp. was founded by Paul Sanders and Kevin M Brandt. Paul Sanders is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Kevin M Brandt serves as the company’s president. It is a privately-owned investment company that deals in offering investment advice to other companies and clients in the United States.


Leadership is easy as much as it is hard. Leadership does not happen overnight but takes honing of the required skills over time. Although time and effort are needed to make one an effective leader, here are some tips to incorporate in leadership abilities while holding the mantle.


For one to better their leadership abilities, they should encourage transparency and create a proper communication channel. A significant number of juniors refrain from offering opinions that contain criticism to their employers. The employees have this notion that once they voice out their concerns, they have invited trouble.


Transparent and open communication creates room for innovations, partnerships and interactions between the employers and the employees. According to results from research conducted by Google, it is mandatory for those in authority to create psychological safety. This will facilitate a conducive working environment where employers will feel safe and free to air out their grievances, hardships and accomplishments.


A psychological safety can be established by the team members openly appreciation each other and giving everyone an equal chance to participate during the team’s meeting.


An effective leader should inspire his team members to speak out. A good leader should ensure that the members feel that their opinions count. The leader can achieve this by following the following simple steps. During the team meetings, the leader should write down the names of all the team members attending. As the conference progresses and the participants are giving out their contributions, the leader should mark against the names of all the members that have contributed to the discussion. Learn more:


The leader should then try and engage those members who have been quiet during the proceedings to solicit their input on the subject at hand. The leader should take keynote not to push those quiet members over the limit but do it gradually so that they feel comfortable to participate. Ensuring that a conducive environment is available for the workers to speak and encourages them to give out honest views.


Lastly, to become an effective leader one should render support to their team. Many are times whereby leaders have secluded themselves from interacting with the subordinate staff, thus, creating a gap. Show them support and share in their plight. This will improve the communication channel between the leader and the team and a good working environment will be created.


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Facts about Gareth Henry, a Seasoned, Private Funds, and Wealth Investment Professional

Gareth Henry studied at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburg, Scotland and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in actuarial mathematics. Soon after graduation, he joined Watson Wyatt as an analyst and later worked with a UK based money management firm. He became the director of strategic solutions at the global investment firm, Schroder in London. He also worked for SEI Investments in Philadelphia. His main achievement was to offer tailor-made marketing solutions to get a competitive advantage. Henry is a fellow at the Institute of Actuaries, UK, and the Society of Actuaries, US.

In 2007, he joined Fortress Investment Group as a director, a position he held for over a decade. In the same year, Fortress went public at the New York Stock Exchange. Gareth was in charge of marketing the company in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. His particular focus was the insurance industry as well as pensions. From 2007 to 2015, he was the Head of International Investor Relations. Read more about Gareth Henry at EverybodyWiki

In 2016, he was appointed the Global Head of Investor Relations at Angelo Gordon, a firm that specializes in alternative investments with a current portfolio value of $28 billion. His input at Fortress Investment Group earned him an excellent reputation in the financial sector. Despite being a mathematician by academic training, he curved his career into the world of hedge funds and private equity.

Gareth Henry is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in investment, wealth management, asset, and private equity. He has helped manage portfolios high profile alternative finance firms globally. Gareth aim is to ensure his clients meet their investment needs. He has a passion for learning new things to keep the top of market trends.

In a recent interview, Gareth Henry advises people to follow their dreams. He further urged people to accept to be influenced by good mentors. He argues that innovation is the key to business and real life. According to him, people should learn new ways of doing things, network with like-minded people across all industries. He also emphasizes the importance of getting feedback from clients, teams as well as clients. Away from business deals public speaking forums, scuba diving and golf thrill Gareth Henry. He supports USA Rugby and Veteran for life Program among other activities.



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Guilherme Paulus: Running Brazil’s Largest Tourist Company

Two of the biggest touring companies in the world are CVC Brasil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts. Both companies were founded and currently owned by Guilherme Paulus. Guilherme Paulus co-launched CVC Brasil with then-partner, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Carlos would leave the company after only four years.

Today, CVC and GJP Hotels and Resorts own over 20 properties throughout the country. GJP, in particular, employs more than 5,000 people, providing jobs in multiples cities across the nation. While the hotelier hopes to build and operate more hotels and resorts, most of his properties are in Maceio, Recife, Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janerio.

Though the GJP brand is the more successful, CVC was the first significant company Guilherme Paulus owned. Before CVC, Paulus was an intern at IBM. He later joined Casa Faro but left to open CVC with Cerchiari. They opened their first company on a little street near the local cinema and found success.

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Without Cerchiari’s belief in him, Paulus doesn’t think his career would’ve turned out the same. When Cerchiari approached him about the idea of opening a tourist agency in Santo Andre, Paulus had no money to fund the company; all the funding came from Cerchiari.

Inspired and encouraged by his close business partner, Guilherme Paulus went on to build a lucrative business for himself. Even after Cerchiari’s departure, Paulus continued to flourish. Now, his days are filled with extreme optimism and productivity. He couldn’t imagine his life any different.

Part of running such a successful brand is keeping up with all the ever-evolving technology. For a business professional such as himself, Paulus sees technology as a huge advantage that didn’t exist back when he first started. Now, information can be sent and received at tremendous speeds, allowing his companies to adapt to customers’ needs and market trends individually.

Even with technology aiding his growing company, it’s his hands-on approach to problem-solving that truly sets him apart. He believes in personally interacting with his employees and customers on a daily basis.

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Todd Levine On Branding Himself As A Go-To Litigator

Commercial real estate litigator Todd Levine brings his ideas to life with a lot of heart and research. He take all the information from each case and then really simplifies it. This helps him understand the root of the problem, which helps him take action. He is the founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. The law firm was founded in 2012 and is based in Miami, Florida  where the busy litigator lives. Todd Levine earned his B.S.B.A in finance from the University of Florida. He continued on to achieve his law degree at Fredric G. Levin College of Law.


With an education in tow, Todd Levine was ready to start practicing law. In his line of work, there is no such thing as a typical day. It’s all about what’s on the schedule, and what is in front of the litigator. Todd Levine tries to stay as productive as he can, and uses his time wisely. He needs to prioritize his schedule because there are strict deadlines he has to meet a lot. This means scheduling out his days weeks ahead of time. Another factor that keeps Mr. Levine on his game is being prepared. This is crucial in his line of work. You never know when something important may come up and having the right paperwork or information can make or break a case.


Looking back at his younger self, Todd has some really important advice. Once you know what you want to specialize in as a lawyer, start branding yourself. This will make you known around the community as the person to go to. As a lawyer, preparation is key. This includes writing up an outline of thoughts so they sound to the point, concise, and simple. It gives Todd Levine a look on different perspectives  so he does not leave anything out. Doing his best every time on each case is the best strategy the litigator uses to build his business. He lets his work and good reputation speak for itself. Todd Levine’s favorite book he recommends to others is called “The Fountainhead.” It has inspired him in his work as a litigator.


Todd Levine