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Talkspace Has Created The Best Text Talk Therapy Possible

Talkspace is such an inviting website and app that is changing the world by storm because of its easy access and incredible array of benefits to those in need of genuine therapy. For those who are afraid to go to a local clinic and meet someone face to face, text talk therapy is the best thing to consider using. Talkspace makes it easy to chat with anyone for an incredibly great value from home or wherever you may be. Anxiety attacks and other mental health issues can happen anywhere, but as long as you have your device that carries this app, you can connect with your licensed therapist whenever.

Talkspace has created multiple programs and campaigns over the past year or two to help spread awareness. Their goal is to let people know that receiving help doesn’t have to be that taboo. With their new options of text talk therapy, you don’t need to be out in the public to receive help. It could seem like you are messaging a friend, which in a similar way, you kind of are talking to a friend. It’s definitely a very close-knit and great friendship knowing that your friend is a licensed therapist who understands the most pressing needs that you have.

Michael Phelps recently joined Talkspace in an incredible new ad campaign that has been spreading like wildfire all across the web. It has been featured on numerous Youtube ads, and it’s wonderful how much thought they put into it. They really dived right in when it came down to speaking about his videos and how he felt. They made sure he spoke briefly about his experience and how Talkspace was the best thing he could use. Anxiety and depression can hit anybody, and the fact they used this Olympic Gold Medalist is incredible to show that anyone can be going through a mental breakdown.

Talkspace is a text talk therapy solution. It is not expensive and it can be possible to experience this incredible program through a low weekly fee. They have created a great way for anyone to get the help they need.

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Hard Work, Dedication And Know How: Paul Herdsman Discusses The Keys To His Success

Paul Herdsman Founded NICE Global in 2014


A native of Kingston, Jamaica, Paul Herdsman is now a Florida resident while his nearshore business solutions company interests are based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. His company, NICE Global provides solutions to US-based companies that do not want to rely on automated answering systems that frustrate their customers.


Paul’s business also provides off-hours customer support and sales services such as cross-selling and up-selling. This firm also provides technical support and back-office operations that are essential to keeping a business of any type running smoothly.

NICE Global CEO and Co-Founder Paul Herdsman Shares Important Lessons He has Learned

Entrepreneurship can be a difficult path to follow. There are so many decisions that must be made without any certainty in the outcome. The risk of these leaps of faith can be diminished when you prepare for them as well as you can. Founding a company and seeing through to a successful outcome takes a lot of work. And once you have grown your business to a profitable level, keeping it there is also challenging.


Keeping your firm successful hinges on some key points such as employee retention, creating a culture that encourages your employees to excel, and providing top-level customer service. These points are the foundation of a successful company that will prosper over the long term.


Culture is an important part of a firm’s continued success, as it will help you to attract the best and brightest people, will encourage them to give their responsibilities the dedication that is necessary, and happy employees provide the best customer service because their pride in the firm is evident in how well they do their daily job.


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