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Clay Hutson: Producer and Stage Manager

Clay Hutson has been in the live music industry for several years. He started loving music while he was still young. Hutson attended the Central University of Michigan where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Theater design and later proceeded for a master’s degree in business administration at Stephen M. Ross School of business. After clearing his studies, Clay Hutson got employment and worked in the live music industry for several years. He served as a sound engineer as well as project manager for various companies. Hutson got the motivation to start his own business after his immediate employer started experiencing financial challenges.


How did you start your business? What motivated you?


Ever since I was young I always had the desire to own a business. After college, I opted to seek employment in order to get some capital. I worked for various companies including traveling with Billy Graham’s sound team. However, it reached a point where I felt that it was time to venture into my own business. This happened at a time when my employer was going through a hard time financially as a result of the great economic depression. Since I had gathered enough experience and saved some money, I decided to start my own business.


How does your business make money?


I do live production, sound engineering, and rigging services. I also offer logistics and stage management services. I get most of my business deals through referrals from my friends and colleagues. Besides, I have a team that helps me market my services.


Did you ever have doubts if your business was going to work or not?


Starting a business during a recession period is not something easy. It was a risk that I was ready to take and was confident would work. It was a bit tough at the beginning and at some point, I thought of quitting. However, the experience I had helped me a lot and within a short time, my business began to gain momentum.


What is the toughest decision you have been forced to make in the recent months?


I currently have a contract with a famous musician and serve as a stage manager. I am therefore always forced to make tough decisions because any slightest mistake can ruin the whole event. However, I think through them before I execute any major decision.


What business books have you read that have inspired you?


“Don’t sweat the Small stuff” is the greatest book that I have ever read. The book changed my perception of a lot of things. Learn more:

Special Teaching Method

Rocketship Education Is Providing Low-Income Student’s Higher Learning Opportunities

Rocketship Education has been making waves in the communities out in California since they opened their first school back in 2007. These charter schools are open to the public and give many students around the country the opportunity to receive an education that is often not offered to students of low-income families. Since first opening their first school, Rocketship Education charter schools have spread to Milwaukee, Washington, and Nashville, serving tens of thousands of students each year. The majority of Rocketship schools are located in California, but they will continue to expand to new states and communities to give all students around the country a better opportunity.

Due to the impressive standards set at these charter schools and the performance of the students coming out of them, they are gaining a lot of good feedback around the educational community. These schools also work hard to get parents involved, improving the learning process for all students, especially those from low-income families that need assistance. At Rocketship schools, students are given personalized training alongside their usual education to maximize potential talent growth. As of today, more than 80 percent of all students in Rocketship charter schools come from low-income backgrounds, which is proving to be very effective. A child’s background has little to do with their actual potential, they just need to be afforded the same opportunities as other children despite what they can afford.

Rocketship Education is also providing a good assessment of every student’s growth to show the education community as well as parents that it is important in determining how to help a student grow and how much they have progressed. The system Rocketship Education is using in their public charter schools is known as MAP, which accurately measures a student’s growth based on where they started from. Many public schools are still using a Growth score system which only shows how much a student has learned over a certain period of time, regardless of where they are or where they started. Determining where a student started and where they are currently is important to maximize their potential, especially for students that are performing below their grade levels.