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Samuel Strauch Features In Enterprise Radio In An Interview With Erick Dye

Samuel strauch recently attended an interview with the Enterprise Radio that focuses on providing exclusive interviews with company executives in a program hosted by Erick Dye. Samuel Strauch is the Founder and owner of the Metrik Real Estate with headquarters in South Beach. Metrik Real Estate has operations in several countries in Latin America.

Metrik Real Estate Company provides several real estate services that include equity and development and management services and brokerage. The firm basically tries to integrate various real estate services into one portfolio.

Though the company has achieved massive success in the sector, they still experience some challenges according to Samuel Strauch. According to Samuel, the company deals with a variety of products and markets and therefore sometimes it is challenging to organise a high calibre team to work on various projects.


During the interview on, Erick Dye also asked Mr Strauch how he learnt about Flow and happiness. In his response, Samuel Strauch noted that he learnt about Flow and Happiness while he was very young as he watched live talks with a renowned professor. Mr Strauch realized that there were well-known institutions that studied Flow and happiness. He developed interests in the topic and later realised that it was something that could be transmitted to the masses because it influences how people interact and work.

Samuel Strauch graduated from the Hofstra University in New York where he studied business. After graduation, Mr Strauch launched his career in banking but eventually shifted into real estate and began working in the family real-estate business.

In 2002, Mr Strauch established his company which he has continued to expand to date. He has successfully managed to integrate various services that include equity outsourcing, development, acquisitions, management, and real estate brokerage in South Florida and the larger Latin America. Besides real-estate, Strauch has invested in other sectors as well. They include internet and hospitality businesses.

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