Doe Deere: Lady Boss Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere of the beauty and fashion company Lime Crime has become a very triumphant businesswomen over the past few months. With the release of her exclusive Unicorn Hair Dye, the company has been receiving nothing but business. Ever wondered how Doe Deere is able to balance both work life and her home life?

Lime Crime’s very own Doe Deere starts her day the same almost every morning. She believes in the idea of routine and contributes that to some of her success. Deere is up by 8AM. She relies solely on an internal alarm clock that has yet to fail her. After waking up, she gulps down a big cup of water because she believes staying hydrated is an important part of health. After that, she starts doing her favorite yoga poses and a series of stretches. This allows her time to reflect and relax before she has to really start her day.

Breakfast is next. Doe Deere can usually be found out in her back yard picking oranges to make her very own orange juice. She also likes to enjoy grits, yogurt, and any other type of fruit to go along with her OJ. After breakfast, she spends quality time with her two cats. Since Doe Deere doesn’t head into the office until noon, she often checks her phone to stay up to date on what’s happening with Lime Crime as well as explore her Instagram feed. In order to not get carried away, she blasts The Beatles and sings along to that while she does her hair and makeup.

Doe Deere uses many of her own products as part of her daily beauty routine. For example she uses her very own lipsticks from the Lime Crime Matte Velvetine line. As of right now, she uses MAC and L’Oreal foundations but she wants to let everyone know she has her own foundation in the works and will most likely end up being her new favorite.

Doe Deere runs a very successful and innovative company. Every product produced at Lime Crime is completely unique and exclusive to the company. Doe Deere maintains a great balance between her work and personal life. This is how she is able to end up successful on both ends of the spectrum.

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Human Rights Violation

Larkin and Lacey’s Frontera Fund Helps Support People Who Have Been Violated

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin worked very hard to create the Frontera Fund. They did so as a result of a human rights case that they were involved in. While they had worked for the majority of their career on reporting about cases that other people were going through, they actually had to deal with one on their own.

All of this was a result of reporting that they did on their local sheriff. While the men were able to help themselves, they wondered how terrible it would be if they did not have the financial support that they did. For this reason, they created the Frontera Fund that helps people through supporting them, providing capital and giving them resources.

During a human rights violation case, it is so important that the victim has the support that he or she needs. It is something that has been talked about over and over. It is also something that Larkin and Lacey know firsthand. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

They use the Frontera Fund to be able to provide people with the emotional support that they need. This is especially helpful for people who do not have close family or friends who can help them during that time.

Finances are another big factor that can be a burden during a human rights violation case. Often, when someone is involved in a human rights violation case, they will lose their income. This, coupled with the fact that it is not cheap to go to court, can leave them drained of all of the money that they may have saved throughout their lives.

Larkin and Lacey put over three million dollars into the fund so that they can pay for court expenses and other needs that victims have during the time that they are going to court with a case.

While slightly less important, resources are necessary for those who want to fight their human rights violation. This can be anything from industry connections to people who have gone through similar cases in the past.

Larkin and Lacey have access to a lot of non-monetary resources that they can provide for anyone who needs them during the time that they are a part of a case. It is something that has allowed them to make things easier for the people who are dealing with the case. It is also something that.

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Prison Communication

Why are All Prisons Using Securus Technologies?

Sometimes, facilities need a specialized product, a technology made specifically for them, or a system that allows it to perform flawlessly. This is not different for prisons and correction agencies, who manage some of the most dangerous people in the nation. Inmates committed crimes, and often they continue to do so from inside the bars of a cell, which means that there needs to exist a dedicated security system just for prisons.
For many years, there were not many of those dedicated services, or at least they were either not of the highest quality or overpriced. When Securus Technologies was created by Richard A. “Rick” Smith, he was filling a spot that no one else was investing in, and he founded one of the most successful prison technology companies in the world, being approved by more than five Departments of Corrections facilities.
The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and they act on prisons in the United States and in many important metropolitan centers in Canada where there are prisons that would benefit from the dedicated service.
Securus Technologies, as the name suggests, has the primary focus of finding solutions that increase the security of a correction agency, but the team is also focused on developing communication solutions that use modern technology to keep improving their services.
For example, Securus Technologies found a solution for prisons who were having problems with the contraband of cell phones inside their territory, where inmates were using the mobile communication to talk to their smuggling partners outside of jail, furthering their crime activity. Securus developed a system to control that contraband, and more than 2,000 prisons and agencies have already hired the services of Securus to help maintain monitoring of the jail.
Not everything is one-sided though, as Securus Technologies also thinks on the inmates when developing their technology. Their telephone service is one of the best in the market and allows inmates to communicate with their families and friends with a clean and audible communication, much better than the standards of a prison.