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Adam Milstein : The man with a Vision for Israeli-Americans

Adam Milstein was ranked number 39 as the most influential figures in the Jerusalem post. The ranking was based on the impacts these people has had on other people’s lives and the potential they have on making a difference in the future. Adam Milstein is the son of Eva Milshtein and Hillel Milshtein. His mom was a homemaker while his dad was a real estate developer.

He followed the footsteps of his dad to become a real estate developer by becoming a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a company dealing with real estate development. Outside his line of work, Adam Milstein is well known for his giving heart as he donates generously. Adam Milstein is married to Gila Milstein, and together they have three daughters. Adam Milstein lives in Encino, California and is the founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation together with his wife.

According to the business wire (Los Angeles), Adam Milstein was chosen because of the role as the leader in establishing the Israel-American Council as well as due to his generosity in helping the underprivileged. He was not alone in this list as other prominent people were mentioned in this list. Amongst the most influential Jewish figures were Benjamin Netanyahu, Ron Lauder, and Lynn Schusterman. Adam Milstein is the leader of various Jewish organizations such as Hasbara Fellowships as well as Birthright Israel and AIPAC National Council. Upon being notified that he had been appointed in this list, Adam Milstein acknowledged it as an honor and was happy that he was making a difference in this world especially to the Jewish Community. He was quick to acknowledge the role that his wife had played.

He further stated that the acknowledgment is a testament of the impacts that Israeli-Americans have made in the recent past. Adam and Gila formed the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation with several objectives and which they have been able to accomplish. For instance, during the initial establishment, the two wanted to strengthen and at the same time safeguard the Jewish heritage. Something that had not been done before. The second aim was to bring the Israelis in the US together hence the establishment of Israeli-Americans. For more information about the story, you can click here.

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Andy Wirth Loves His Job

Many people love being in the outdoors. Quickly being able to move across snow in a beautiful setting is a passion that the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Chief Operating Officer knows that he shares with others. Like so many people before him, he has come to world of the outdoors with help from many family members. At at early age, the outdoors was a place where he felt at home. This is now more true that ever before. He is one person who is dedicated to sharing his love of the world of snow, ice and beautiful mountains as much as he can with others. His aim is to make the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows one area where skiers can get out on the slopes really easily.

Forming Connections

Andy Wirth comes his job with an awareness of many things. He that this area is one where people have gone skiing for decades. He also knows that many visitors have seen both Squaw Valley and the Alpine Meadows mountains and dreamed of connecting the two spaces. With this understanding, he is forging full speed ahead with a dream that has enraptured visitors for a long time. His plans right now for the area include the creation of a very special transport system that will make life easier for both visitors and those who live and work in the area as well.

A New Gondola

The new gondola system comes straight from the imagination and determination of Wirth. He sees the area and sees a complete vision that he can put in place. The gondola will allow any visitor a quick, three part system that brings them across both mountains and means that the visitor need not drive along heavily trafficked roads just to get around the region. The system brings a vision that Wirth knows has long been dreamed about by people in the area who came here before he did. As part of his leadership, he wants to help see that vision come to life and finally realize a dream of easy mountain to mountain transport that is totally modern.

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Find Out More about Businessman Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is a highly admired businessman and his works have been a great inspiration to many people. He specializes in creating millions and billions of dollars as an influential leader by combining innovative marketing, smart business strategy and financial oversight. The aim of any business is to come up with ways in which they can fulfill all the needs of their clients. This will in return help them increase the profitability of their company. Kenneth focuses on delivering a balanced employee engagement, corporate alignment, key performance as well as quality assurance systems.

Kenneth has been in a position to highly increase the profitability of the company as well as its performance by using creative means of strategy. He is a well-recognized leader who capitalizes his ability to promote productivity, growth through leadership, cost analysis, quality improvement and composed negotiations. He is very experienced especially in the field of marketing and this enables him to oversee and to navigate shifts in the market and to also prevent costly mistakes and even stalls that most companies miss.

His Development in Business

Kenneth Goodgame has been able to change the face of business over the years. He has also changed the prices of several demanded items at the market to an affordable price that most people can afford. There are effective prices for items such as point gas, pet foods as well as end caps. This will ensure you are in a position to purchase any of these items from the market according to your budget. In this way, you will not have to worry about the prices since you can find an item that is easily affordable.


It is important for you to ensure you get the best company selling items you need. Kenneth has been an inspiration to many people all over the world by promoting good prices for items. In this way, you can go to the store and get the items you need at a price you can easily afford. You can be able to buy the best food for your pet and also get that point gas you admire at an affordable price.

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Video can add Business and Sales Increase

Gone are the days of getting your message across simply by writing out a few catchy lines to boost interest in what you are trying to explain, sell, or make awareness of. One still needs to be able to convey the message with the proper words but using a video to enhance those clever words can make all the difference. The added bonus would be able to find and affordably use the services from a company who offered all of your marketing needs in one place with trusted and reliable technology and plans.

Talk Fusion offers the unique option of offering their customers five services; Sign-up forms, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and Video Email, all for one affordable price. Looking to connect with business clients and employees? Video chatting through Talk Fusion can bring that important discussion to you and to them from multiple devices ( laptop, phone, tablet,etc.) and in a wide variety of language choices. Talk Fusion does the designing for you, offering many different templates geared to reach the specific audience you are trying to reach; sales, business clients, and/or raising awareness, and more. The email sign-up tool is a simple and effective way to get potential sales bridged over to what your business can offer them. You can even use Talk Fusion’s services for personal messages for friends and family as well.

Today’s marketing success relies upon the use of cutting edge tools to reach the public, along with keeping overhead costs low. It doesn’t make financial sense to rely on more than one company to bring you all the services you need to reach customers. Talk Fusion puts it all together for you with support and proven success.


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John Goullet’s Tenure at DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet worked as a computer consultant, then as an IT staffing executive before establishing his first company Info Technologies in 1994. Driven by the passion for developing solutions to challenges in the ever-evolving IT industry, John Goullet founded Info Technologies, a premier provider of IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies nationwide. As Info Technologies’ chief executive officer, Goullet focused on the corporate business environment as well as specific IT needs of his customers. He would match his expertise, personal drive, and work style to meet client needs.

Under Goullet’s helm, Info Technologies grew to an award-winning organization, having featured twice in the list of 500 fastest growing US-based enterprises. Besides, the company’s wealth increased to over $30 million within five years, earning it a top ten position among the most promising privately-held enterprises nationwide. In 2010, Info Technology amalgamated with DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC, a leading provider of a spectrum of IT staffing and diversity products. DIVERSANT LLC is about growth; they focus on business growth and career development. DIVERSANT LLC achieves its goals by mentoring, training, and helping its clients build a professional network. At DIVERSANT, clients work in a diverse environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. Furthermore, DIVERSANT’s culture is based on healthy competition; therefore, it is an ideal place to build a professional network and rewarding career.

Certified as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), DIVERSANT LLC is the leading African-American held IT staffing company nationwide. The company specializes in innovative diversity solutions, augmentation of IT staff, and direct hire. As the current CEO of DIVERSANT LLC, Mr. Goullet is committed to developing new, cutting-edge solutions to challenges in the ICT industry. Over the years, DIVERSANT’s asset value grew drastically, even during economic sabotage. Today, DIVERSANT has built an excellent reputation as a reliable and responsive company among Fortune 500 companies. In many ways, DIVERSANT has reflected Mr. Goullet’s professional expertise, personal drive, and passion for helping others.

Meanwhile, DIVERSANT has constituted its advisory board to oversee and guide the company’s management. The advisory board comprises of business experts not involved in routine operations of the enterprise. The board will meet the management regularly to review matters regarding market trends and company’s performance.

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Prison Communication

Keeping in Touch While Behind Bars with Securus

No one likes to think of a relative or friend of theirs being in the prison system. The unfortunate truth is that this happens to many more people than you might think and so it is a harsh reality for many people who are trying to keep in contact with that individual and are finding it to be too difficult. This is essentially why the Securus system was designed and why so many people are using Securus for their own needs. It allows people to keep in constant touch with their loved ones through video messaging service is set up through the prison system.


When I began to use Securus for my own needs, I found it to be one of the best technologies out there in terms of prison communication. Prison communication is not easy because it has to be completely secure and safe as well as reliable so that you have constant contact with the person you are trying to keep in touch with at all times. Because of this, I struggled with other technologies and companies that offered video messaging but didn’t deliver in terms of quality. This is when I began to use Securus and found it to be one of the absolute best companies out there for communication within the prison system.


It has gotten to the point now that anyone who has a loved one in the prison system, I continually recommend to them Securus. Securus is a great option for anyone who has to keep in touch with someone who is behind bars. You will find that it is not only an affordable technology for you to make yourself, but it could also help in a tremendous way when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved one on a consistent basis. You can have access to these video messaging services at anytime throughout the day or night and this enables you to keep in touch with that loved one no matter where you happen to be.


If you are interested in security, I recommend that you find out more about it by visiting its website or the multitude of social media accounts out there that talk about it. I feel that it can benefit you and your loved ones just as much as it has for me and I feel that it can easily help people to keep in touch with their loved ones in a secure and safe manner.


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